&& the setlist you stole from the stage has red && purple lipstick all over the page


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Who knows; maybe Edward DID clean extensively and have a speshully organised bucket and knit and try it with a Carmen whilst reading LOTR during his *ehem* celibate stage?

andrea victoria bernardette norman ^_^
i'm a full time dreamer.
part time fic author.
books + dreams + music = heaven.
laughter really is a form of music.
humour me and i love you.
my heart beats for long hair, warm eyes - male sex only, thanks.
a heart filled with passion for art and writing.
why not be obsessive? i am.
joseph jonas rocks my socks like no other; he's a god.
mates are my reason for attending the purple place.
cousin, tash, rudith, nicole, emmarr, suCki, pyaulaaa, sharms, skinbin, sanjuna & fanpire. i love you all.
any more?
still, school can be dull, dreary and damn dumb.
creative writing and art: j'adore!
i've a fetish for concerts and gigs.
jonas brothers: think i'm lame? i don't give a flying fuck.
i tend to bite pretty damn hard but if you have eyeliner i'll succumb.
you'll learn...
my hair reflects my personality to a tee: wild yet soft and bouncy.
i lurrve my hair.
my eyes are the window to my heart - they're my giveaway.
my dream is to have 2 children, a man that loves me and a villa by the sea.
is that too far fetched?
i've been descibed as big headed, bitchy and down right catty.
i suppose, but if you know me you'll know theres more.
you just have to look deeper; don't be lazy now.
Name Andrea
Gender Female
Age 16
Location Manchester, ENG
Ethnicity White / Caucasian
Interested in Men
Status Single
Interests reading, writing, movies, sleeping, thats all my day consists of, yeah, school sucks
Music hmm, jonas brothers, muse, journey, bullet for my valentine, robet pattinson, 3oh3, paramore, boys like girls, switchfoot, rainbow, panic at the disco, lostprophets, the killers, katy perry, joshua radin, laura marling, fall out boy, && more
Books twilight saga
Quotes i dont really have any,, i have tons of favourite lyrics that i could put in here but,, oh well.


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